Photo Window

Photo window is to manage inputs images of current project, as shown below:



Photo Management

  • Photo selection: Both "Shift" style and "Ctrl" style multiselection and supported. As well as "Ctrl+A" for selecting all.

  • Photo deletion: Right click any selected photo and choose [Delete Photo].

  • Photo sorting: Click the header of any column to sort the table. Click the same header to switch between ascending and descending.

POS Management:

  • Import POSImport POS: Refer to Import POS for detail.
  • Export POSExport POS: Refer to Export POS for detail.
  • Reset POSReset POS: remove the existing POS.

Photo Information Management

  • Coordinate System TransformSwitch Coordinate: switch POS presentation between (X, Y, Z, Omega, Phi, Kappa) and (Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Roll, Pitch, Heading).
  • Initial DataSource data: display imported POS.
  • Optimized Data Optimized data: display optimized POS.
  • Photo Properties: Right click any photo and select [Properties] to view detail information about this photo.

Update Alignment

If photo alignment was completed, clicking AbsoluteAlignment would align current project to imported POS.

Re-register Image

If photo alignment result was obviously wrong for some photo, user could try right-click it and choose [Re-Register Photo].

Set POS Accuracy

Select some photos, right click and choose [Set POS Accuracy]. Then, modify the value of [Location Accuracy] or [Rotation Accuracy] in the pop-up dialog. Refer to Use POS.

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